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We are consultants in planning, design and business management committed to improving quality of life.  We work with businesses, residents and governments to improve functions, regulations and communities.  Our planning and design work includes projects as small as a courtyard and as large as a community of many square miles. We work in the public and private sector, directly for clients or supporting other consultants. Projects include single family homes, multi-family and mixed-use communities, parks, offices, shopping centers and streetscapes.  We also help businesses refine their focus and operations.  We have restructured accounting practices and helped companies go public. Our expertise is broad, and our level of service is excellent.


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Time and Design Part Two: The Gateway Arch
Sunday, 26 December 2010 19:00
How many times have you been unexpectedly overwhelmed by something?  This happened to me on a recent trip to St. Louis when I visited the Gateway Arch.  Yes, it is big – 630 feet tall, and 630 feet across.  Yes it is graceful – a catenary curve, which is the shape a free-hanging chain takes when held at both ends.  And yes, it is memorable – who doesn’t associate the arch with St Louis, even if it is not remembered as the “gateway to the west”?  But this...


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katsura tree

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highlands episcopal bench